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Domain Name Definition: Everything You Need to Know

Published: 22 Jun, 2023

Learn the domain name definition and how to use it for your website and online services. Find out how to choose the best SLD and TLD, how to connect your domain name to your web hosting, and how to use your domain name for email, FTP, or other online serv

How to Create a Subdomain with GoDaddy

Published: 23 Jun, 2023

Learn how to create a subdomain with GoDaddy using an A record or a CNAME record. Find out the difference between a domain and a subdomain, and the benefits of creating a subdomain with GoDaddy.

How to Check Who Owns a Domain

Published: 25 Jun, 2023

Learn how to check who owns a domain name using different methods and tools, such as visiting the website, using a WHOIS lookup tool or database, or contacting the domain registrar.

How to Save Money with Namecheap Promo Codes

Published: 27 Jun, 2023

Learn how to save money on domains, hosting, email, SSL, and more with Namecheap promo codes. Find and use the best Namecheap coupons and offers for your online needs.

How to Check Name Server of Domain: A Complete Guide

Published: 29 Jun, 2023

Learn how to check name server of domain using different methods, such as WHOIS lookup tools and system console. Find out what name servers are, why they are important, and how to change them for your domain.

How to Estimate Domain Name Value: A Comprehensive Guide

Published: 01 Jul, 2023

Learn how to estimate domain name value using various methods and tools. Find out how to sell your domain name for the best price and avoid common pitfalls.

How to Use GoDaddy Domain Appraisals to Estimate Your Domain Value

Published: 02 Jul, 2023

Learn how to use GoDaddy Domain Appraisals to estimate the value of any domain name. Find out how the tool works and how you can use it for different purposes, such as finding, renewing, protecting, or selling a domain.

What is a Domain? Everything You Need to Know

Published: 03 Jul, 2023

Learn what a domain name is, how it works, why you need one, different types of domains, and how to get one. A domain name is essential for any website or online business.

How Many Top-Level Domain Names in ICANN Are There

Published: 04 Jul, 2023

In this article, we will answer the question of how many TLDs are there in ICANN and what are their types and characteristics. We will also explore the history, current status, and future trends of TLDs and how they affect Internet users and stakeholders.